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October 2016


The Inside Scoop on National Radiologic Technology Week


National Radiologic Technology Week, celebrated this year November 6-12, 2016, is your chance to celebrate these individuals who work hard each day to make meaningful contributions in the areas of medical imaging and radiation therapy.

The Best Available Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse Positions in Walnut Creek


If you’re seeking a labor and delivery registered nurse job, consider a position in beautiful Walnut Creek, CA! Not only is California an amazing state to live in, but is also a great state to maximize your earning potential as a registered nurse.

Trust Us...Taking a Temp Nursing Job is a Good Idea. Here’s Why!


As a temp nurse, you’ll build valuable skills, meet new people, and hopefully develop more confidence in your abilities. Most importantly, you’ll have a job to keep you busy while you’re looking for a permanent position!

Skills To Improve Confidence When Making Medical Decisions


Developing confidence-building skills will allow you to make better decisions, thus helping you to provide higher-quality care to your patients. Build your confidence in making critical medical decisions with these important skills.

Why You Should Consider A Nurse Job in Charlotte, NC


Are you looking to relocate for your nursing career? Consider becoming an operating room registered nurse in the city of Charlotte, NC!

Landed A Medical Technologist Job? Keep Learning With These Tips!


If you have a medical technologist job, it is especially important to continue learning about how you can improve your skills - especially pertaining to delivering high quality patient care.

Want To Improve Your Medical Unit? Embrace the Fall Spirit!


With the leaves changing and autumn weather in full gear, there are many ways you can encourage your team to have some fun and get into the fall spirit! Want to feel the fall vibes at work? Set the tone with these following ideas.

How to Build Trust & Relationships as a Per Diem Nurse


There are small but effective ways you can build meaningful relationships in your medical unit even on the most short-term jobs. The following action steps are helpful in building trust and relationships, especially during per diem assignments.


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