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March 2017


Trust Us: Always Choose Comfort Over Fashion When It Comes To Footwear!


Put a stop to foot pain and check out three of the most comfortable shoes for nurses in 2017.

Per Diem Nurses: Tips For Managing Your Monthly Budget


In order to effectively budget, take note of these steps to closely manage your per diem nursing income.

How to Start Making Time For Fitness While Per Diem Nursing


Making health and wellness a priority is important for keeping energy levels high and reducing the likelihood of having to take sick time off from work.

Three Ways To Add Some Fun To Your Medical Unit This St. Patrick’s Day!


Three ways to get your team in the spirit and lighten the mood in your medical unit.

Are You A Nurse Experiencing A Shift in Medical Procedures? Learn The Benefits of Telemedicine!


As the medical field continues to make rapid advancements, nurses must keep up with the changes so that their skills and abilities are aligned with the doctors they assist.

How Can Per Diem Nursing Help You Reach Your 2017 Financial Goals?


Per diem nursing can provide a wonderful income for any nurse. Here are three reasons why per diem nursing can help you reach your 2017 financial goals.

How Your Organization can Celebrate Dental Assistants Recognition WeeK


Dental Assistants Recognition Week (DARW), held each year during the first full week of March, is an ideal time to recognize dental assistants who strive each day to provide high quality patient care.


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