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June 2017


Are These Three Common Workplace Stressors Causing You to Lose Your Focus & Productivity?


You can help prevent workplace stress by identifying your main stressors so they do not have a negative effect on your performance. Take a look at these three common stressors and how you can reduce their impact.

Trust Us...What You Tweet Matters! Why You Need to Manage Your Social Media Presence


Every message, tweet or video you post directly reflects on you – and your nursing job. No matter how private you make your social media profiles, anything you post online is vulnerable for viewing by just about anyone.

Nursing Mistakes Happen – But You Should Learn How to Prevent Them


Whether you’ve worked in a permanent position for the past several years or are just getting started as a temp through a healthcare temp agency, nursing mistakes, unfortunately, are bound to happen on the job.

Honoring Nursing Assistants During Nursing Assistants Week


This year marks the 40th celebration of Career Nursing Assistants Week - providing healthcare facilities with the opportunity to plan a special week in honor of their nursing assistants.

Headed to Career Day? Share these Three Tips to With Nursing Students


Talking about the nursing field with students is a great opportunity to share your own experiences and discuss the benefits of working in healthcare. You’ll want to be as informative and interesting as possible to get students fired up!

Need a Little Motivation? Read These Four Books to Get Your Mental Health Back!


As a nurse working in the fast-paced healthcare industry, you’re bound to feel stressed out and overwhelmed at times. Consider unwinding with one of these books to improve your mental health!

How to Make an Impact as a Per Diem Nurse


The best way to make an impact is by being a team player and exhibiting strong communication skills with your teammates. Here are three tips for making a positive impact and contributing in a meaningful way to the medical units you serve.


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