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July 2016


12-Hour Shifts? Don’t Neglect Your Health on the Job!

Don’t Neglect Your Health on the Job!  | Medical Staffing Network

It can be very overwhelming to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working irregular hours, especially during 12-hour shifts...If you don't properly plan ahead!

Gauging Empathy in Candidates During a Job Interview

Measuring Employee Empathy | Medical Staffing Network

Two key questions that can help you determine if a candidate exhibits enough empathy to meet the needs of your team and patients in your medical unit:

How to Identify and Eliminate Common Workplace Stressors

Identifying Workplace Stress | Medical Staffing Network

You may not even be aware of the stressors that are having a negative impact on your quality of work and your career growth. Here are some of the most common workplace stressors and ways to deal with them.

Five Tips for Overcoming Shyness as a Per Diem Nurse

Overcoming Shyness in Medical Unit | Medical Staffing Network

Being shy shouldn’t hold you back from pursuing a career as a per diem nurse. Consider these strategies to help you overcome shyness on the job and fit in with your team.

Do You Work in a Toxic Healthcare Environment? Be the Positive Light!

Improving Work Environment in Medical Facility

You don’t have to have an outgoing personality to demonstrate positivity where you work. Consider these action steps and how they can help you change the face of a negative work environment.

Put Down the Coffee! Four Power Foods to Get You Through the Night Shift

Power Foods for Medical Industry | Medical Staffing Network

Though it’s tempting to skip meals and temporarily satisfy your cravings with a drink or sugary snack, your body will thank you for fueling it with one of these delicious power foods instead.

Want to Achieve Long-Term Success? Work-Life Balance Is Key

Work Life Balance Blog | Medical Staffing Network

To fully understand the vital role of work-life balance, make these following factors a priority to help you achieve long-term success both professionally and personally.

How to Successfully Manage a Career as a Per Diem Nurse

Managing Per Diem Career | Medical Staffing Network

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to manage your per diem career in a way that works best for you.


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