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December 2016


Thinking About 2017 & Setting Goals for the New Year


As you set goals and think about where you’d like to be next year, here are some things to keep in mind.

Staying Active: Why Nurses Should Invest in a Fitness Tracker


If you’re unsure about whether or not the investment is worth it, here are just some reasons why one of these devices can benefit you.

How to Avoid Going to the Cafeteria for Lunch Every Shift


Spice up your shift and make mealtime an opportunity to break away from your routine. Make less visits to the cafeteria by taking advantage of these great alternative options.

Dismissing Conflict Before It Escalates: Three Tips to Handling Issues Respectfully


When a conflict arises, it’s important to handle it effectively before it escalates into a larger issue. Furthermore, being proactive about reducing the occurrence of conflicts will help ensure your employees are having a positive work experience.

How Can You Improve Your Patient Communication Tactics?


Are your patients constantly giving you blank stares when you speak to them? It’s imperative to be mindful of not only what you communicate to patients, but how you communicate. 

Helpful Tips for Buying Scrubs


Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to scrubs and how much to spend, but there are some helpful things to keep in mind when replenishing your work attire.

Preparing Your Medical Unit for the Holidays


Keeping in mind that stress often increases during holiday time, there are ways you can prepare the staff in your medical unit for the holidays.

Back to the Basics: How You Can Correct Back Pain & Stay Productive


If you frequently experience back pain, there are simple and effective things you can do to alleviate your pain and improve your productivity. Here’s how to get some relief.

Get to Know Our Team: Nicole B


My advice to any nurse who is thinking about being a contract nurse is go for it, be outgoing, you will not regret it. I am so blessed to love my job and work for an exceptional company.


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