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August 2016


Want Some Extra Cash For Your Next Vacation? Take On a Few Per Diem Nursing Jobs!


Like anything, earning (and saving) extra money requires planning and strategic financial management. To further grow your bank account with per diem nursing, remember these tips.

Bad Day at Work? Four Rebounding Tips for How to Re-energize and Refocus


Before you throw in the towel, remember that your job does not constitute your entire life. Furthermore, one negative day at work does not have to dictate your attitude moving forward.

Want to Amplify Your Career? Find A Nursing Mentor!


Mentorship can be a critical part of career growth, especially in nursing. Regardless of how talented, skilled or confident you are in your nursing abilities, developing a relationship with a mentor can significantly help you navigate your career.

Want to Reduce Stress Levels on the Job? Yoga May Be the Answer!


Believe it or not, practicing yoga can be one of the best ways to combat burnout and start your shifts feeling physically relaxed and mentally prepared for what lies ahead.

How to be a Successful Leader Among Your Medical Staff...Without Micromanaging or Interfering


You don’t need to have a big title to be an effective leader– in fact, most of the world’s best leaders are simply individuals who inspire and motivate the team of people they work with on a daily basis.

Stand Out from the Competition: Four Tips to Improve Your Nursing Resume


Creating a high-quality resume takes time and effort. Check out these four tips to ensure your nursing resume is in tip-top shape.


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