Five Tips for Overcoming Shyness as a Per Diem Nurse
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Five Tips for Overcoming Shyness as a Per Diem Nurse

Overcoming Shyness in Medical Unit | Medical Staffing Network
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July 15, 2016 15:41 PM (GMT-04:00)
Per diem nursing can have numerous positive benefits, including flexible scheduling and preferred location options. But if you’re shy, you may find it difficult to adapt to new work environments and teammates on a regular basis.
Being shy shouldn’t hold you back from pursuing a career as a per diem nurse. Consider these strategies to help you overcome shyness on the job and fit in with your team.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Being aware of how you communicate, especially when meeting new people, will help you significantly overcome shyness. It’s important to establish a communication style that makes you approachable to others. Making direct eye contact, keeping your arms open near your sides, and speaking clearly are all positive ways to communicate and engage others in conversation.

Ask Questions

This one may seem simple, but asking intelligent questions can be an easy way to talk with your teammates and make you more comfortable on the job. Asking questions is generally a good conversation starter with anyone, and also shows your teammates that you value their help and insight. Always be sure to thank your teammates for their help – expressing gratitude will make them more inclined to get to know you and help you develop a support system on the job!

Explore Common Interests

Learning about the interests and hobbies of your teammates can create common bonds and points of interest. Rather than focusing solely on work-related topics, this allows you to connect with others on a more personal level. Doing this will ease your discomfort by providing easy conversation starters and possibly bring about opportunities outside of work to get to better know your teammates, such as a skiing outing or happy hour.

Take a Public Speaking Class

Sometimes it’s helpful to take a class in which you will have no choice but to speak in front of several strangers. A public speaking class can do wonders for your confidence and help you acquire the right tools to improve how you communicate. By learning to present in front of a group of people, speaking with just one or two individuals will become a breeze!

Make Yourself Available

When getting to know your teammates, it is critical you make time to talk with others and express interest in their lives. Rather than leaving your work site during your lunch break or being preoccupied on your cell phone, consider visiting the break room or café and striking up a casual conversation. Doing this can lead to great conversations with others in a more relaxed setting.
By remembering these five tips in your own life, you can easily overcome shyness and fit in at work. Taking these steps will ultimately help you to have a more enjoyable work experience and develop strong relationships with your teammates.
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