Headed to Career Day? Share these Three Tips to With Nursing Students
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Headed to Career Day? Share these Three Tips to With Nursing Students

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June 15, 2017 11:24 AM (GMT-04:00)
Have you been asked to speak at a career day for nursing students?
Talking about the nursing field with students is a great opportunity to share your own experiences and discuss the benefits of working in healthcare. You’ll want to be as informative and interesting as possible to get students fired up about opportunities that lie ahead.
As you prepare for your visit, here are three things to consider sharing with the students.

Don’t Expect a 4.0 Every Semester

Most students who go to nursing school are very high achievers, always aiming for perfection. While being studious is essential for success, students need to be aware of the rigorous course load they will have in front of them, and that not every class will be an easy A. Remind students that it’s OK to get a few Bs or even Cs in a nursing program – as long as they learn from their mistakes and seek help in areas of weakness.

You’ll Need to Network

Just because demand in the U.S. for nurses has increased does not mean getting a nursing job is a breeze. Students need to understand the importance of networking in the healthcare field for getting job leads and referrals for landing their first nursing job. Students must also learn how to leverage their job search through social media and maintain a professional network online.

Every Day Might Not Be Perfect, but Every Day Can Be Great

There are pros and cons with nursing, everybody knows that. And while some days will be more difficult or challenging than others, the important point to remember is by becoming a nurse you have made a vow to yourself and your community to give back and help those in need.
Sure, some days might be difficult. Your personal life might get in the way of being truly happy during your shift. Working in healthcare you’ll encounter sickness and death, but what you must always remember is your core purpose and reasoning for getting into this profession, to help the community and do your absolute best day after day.
Speaking to students at a local career day can be a very rewarding experience for many nurses. By sharing the tips above, you’ll help students understand what they should expect in nursing school and determine whether a nursing career is the right choice for them.

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