Want to Reduce Stress Levels on the Job? Yoga May Be the Answer!
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Want to Reduce Stress Levels on the Job? Yoga May Be the Answer!

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August 08, 2016 13:32 PM (EDT)
Working long or erratic shifts can often leave nurses feeling stressed and anxious. Exhaustion and burnout naturally come from the ongoing physical demands of being a nurse (lifting, bending, etc.), as well as the mental stress and anxiety that comes with making decisions to aid in patients’ treatment and recovery.
Believe it or not, practicing yoga can be one of the best ways to combat burnout and start your shifts feeling physically relaxed and mentally prepared for what lies ahead. Here are just some of yoga’s many benefits – all of which can help dial down your stress load (and improve your health in the process).


Core and Back Strengthening

If backaches are the main culprit of your aches and pains, yoga poses can work miracles in helping you develop a stable and flexible back. The poses will also help improve your posture, which can be very beneficial if you find yourself bending over most of the day to care for patients. Regularly practicing yoga poses before your shifts will leave you feeling more flexible and better prepared to perform physical tasks on the job. 


Mental Clarity and Alertness

In addition to its amazing physical benefits, the mental health benefits alone are worth making yoga practice part of your daily routine! Yoga will help you develop mental alertness and clarity, improving your ability to sustain long shifts. In addition, yoga’s mental health effects will put you at ease as you make decisions and deal with challenges that arise at work.


Improved Breathing

A significant part of a yoga practice is being aware of your breathing. Breathing techniques in which you learn to steadily control your breath have countless health benefits, including decreased muscle tension, reduced anxiety and a sense of calming balance. Learning to breathe properly is a lifelong skill you can apply on your shifts to help you cope during high-pressure situations and stay focused in the present moment.
Hopefully these benefits have convinced you there’s no downside to practicing yoga! Once you start incorporating yoga into your life on a daily basis, you’ll quickly experience firsthand its positive impact on your ability to handle stress at work. In addition, the quality of your physical and mental health will dramatically improve. And who doesn’t want that? 


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