Trust Us...What You Tweet Matters! Why You Need to Manage Your Social Media Presence
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Trust Us...What You Tweet Matters! Why You Need to Manage Your Social Media Presence

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June 20, 2017 11:45 AM (GMT-04:00)
Think your social media profiles have nothing to do with your career?
Think again!
Every message, tweet or video you post directly reflects on you – and your nursing job. No matter how private you make your social media profiles, anything you post online is vulnerable for viewing by just about anyone. Posting content to your social media that could be misinterpreted as unprofessional or unethical can easily cost you your job and even your professional reputation. Follow these tips to make sure your social media usage doesn’t affect your career:

Think Before You Post

It may sound obvious, but taking time to think about each post you make on social media can save you a lot of potential problems. Whether you’re tempted to post a photo from a party last weekend or a rant about a bad day at work, it’s important to think about any posts that could be potentially damaging to your career. Even if you’re not connected to your boss or co-workers on social media, it’s very easy for people to share information with your company that could cost you your job. You can avoid this problem by making sure your posts are positive and unconnected to your professional life.

Pay Attention to the Company You Keep

Ever heard the expression “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with?” Well, this concept also applies to social media. Connecting with individuals who do not use social media appropriately will inevitably reflect poorly on you. When it comes to shared posts or photos, make sure every person in your online network acts responsibly and professional on social media, especially in their interactions with you. If you notice one of your contacts acting inappropriately on social media, remove or block them from accessing your profiles.

Always Adhere to HIPPA Guidelines

Because of HIPPA, healthcare professionals need to use extra caution on social media. Even though a picture taken at work of a gift by a patient may seem innocent, anything in a photo that even remotely shows confidential medical records is a violation of HIPPA. It’s best to avoid posting any photos taken in a healthcare setting to protect patient privacy and ensure no confidential medical information is shared online.
In today’s world, online perception is reality! Managing your social media presence goes hand in hand with managing your professional reputation. Don’t let your social media profile damage your nursing career!

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