How to Make an Impact as a Per Diem Nurse
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How to Make an Impact as a Per Diem Nurse

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June 13, 2017 11:37 AM (GMT-04:00)
As a per diem nurse, you may believe it’s hard to make an impact on medical units due to the short periods of time you spend at each job. However, there are many ways you can make positive contributions in your medical units and get the most out of even the shortest-term per diem jobs. The best way to make an impact is by being a team player and exhibiting strong communication skills with your teammates. Here are three tips for making a positive impact and contributing in a meaningful way to the medical units you serve.

Build Trust

When you begin a new per diem position, make an effort to get to know your team. Asking them friendly questions, while still being professional, is key to adapting to your new work environment and learning the ropes. Most importantly, building relationships with your teammates early on will build trust – with a sense of trust, you’ll feel more comfortable sharing your ideas and offering to help others on your team. By connecting with your teammates, you’ll be able to offer better care and customer service to patients.

Share Best Practices

Per diem nurses are uniquely positioned to offer best practices and solutions to challenges faced by many medical units. If you’re an experienced per diem nurse with diverse work experience, don’t be afraid to share a great system or solution you observed in another hospital that would improve your current medical unit. By being tactful in how you communicate your suggestion and expressing you want the best for the medical unit, your teammates will be likely to take your feedback into consideration.

Be Open-Minded

Working in a new work environment every few months can be overwhelming sometimes; however, this can be a great way to advance your nursing career. By being open-minded at each per diem job, you will adapt easy to your new teammates and be better able to address patients’ needs. Remember, full-time staff knows more about their unit than you – therefore, you’ll add the most value to the unit by learning and listening closely on the job.

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