Looking for Career Happiness? Read This!

Looking for Career Happiness? Read This!
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July 11, 2019 12:00 PM (GMT-04:00)
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Recent research has continued to track and explore why so many nurses are leaving the profession before retirement. The report estimates that up to 30 to 50 percent of nurses leave their position or quit nursing altogether in the first year, while many cite lack of supportive working conditions, not enough recognition, too few opportunities to progress their careers, lack of autonomy and wages as the reasons behind their dissatisfaction.

Medical Staffing Network (MSN) conducted a Nurses Week survey and found quite the opposite is true of nurses working in non-permanent positions, such as per diem, local contract and travel. In fact, according to our survey, 75% of our nurses are completely/very happy working as a nursing professional. Furthermore, they point to several reasons behind their career happiness that are contrary to the same reasons many nurses leave the profession.

Drivers of Career Happiness for Staffing Firm Nurses

Ironically, while wages are often blamed for career dissatisfaction among nurses, “pay” was cited last (7%) as the driving force behind their happiness. The top reasons, according to our respondents, include:

  • Making a difference in patients’ lives (43%)

  • Flexibility in my schedule (19%)

Fortunately, it appears most of our nurse respondents are receiving the recognition and feedback they need to feel they are making a different with their profession and patient care. And, the flexibility in their schedule may help them to feel a greater sense of autonomy when on the job. In fact, “flexibility of schedule” was the top reason why nurses choose to work with MSN!

A Long Career Path

Perhaps due to their high satisfaction working with a staffing firm, our survey found 45% of respondents plan on staying in nursing for the foreseeable future. In fact, only 20% of our respondents plan on leaving the profession in the next 10 years, most (42%) of those cite “life changes (i.e. marriage, parenthood, moving, etc.)” as the top reason for their departure.

We also found that nearly one-third (31%) of respondents plan on advancing their nursing career in the near future. The importance of career advancement is evident, as “abundant career opportunities” was named as the second biggest reason respondents entered the profession in the first place.

Looking for Career Happiness & Advancement?

As MSN, we know you dedicate your life to helping others and that’s why we’re dedicated to helping you find career happiness. You deserve to get the most out of your profession. As the largest per diem and most recognized brands in the industry, MSN has the depth and resources to offer you a broad range of job opportunities that support your personal and professional needs at any point in your life. Check out our latest job assignments and start down the path of career bliss.

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