Bad Day at Work? Four Rebounding Tips for How to Re-energize and Refocus
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Bad Day at Work? Four Rebounding Tips for How to Re-energize and Refocus

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August 22, 2016 13:50 PM (EDT)
Imagine you just had a horrible day at work and aren’t sure how you’re going to find the motivation to come back tomorrow. You may even feel like you’re ready to call it quits. But before you throw in the towel, remember that your job does not constitute your entire life. Furthermore, one negative day at work does not have to dictate your attitude moving forward.
Here are four tips to quickly rebound from a bad day at work so you can re-energize and refocus on what matters.

Don’t Take it Personally

Frustration at work often comes from issues or disagreements with co-workers. When tensions arise, it’s easy to take others’ actions and behaviors personally. Rather than bring negative emotions home with you, either let them go or confront them directly. This means clearly communicating your concerns with co-workers and letting them know how their behavior affects you.

Put Your Day in Perspective

When you’re tired or downright stressed with life, it’s easy to let small situations feel like big, frustrating problems. If you’re feeling deflated, take a few minutes to think about what is really bothering you. Sometimes issues that seem terrible in the moment will not end up having a significant impact or any impact at all on the future. And, if you’ve determined a major issue at work, it may be time to address it so it doesn’t reoccur in the future.

Confide in Someone You Trust

Taking 10 minutes to vent to someone you trust, like a spouse or parent, can do wonders for your mood! If you’re feeling misunderstood at work, sometimes a quick conversation and words of encouragement from someone close to you can help alleviate tensions you may be feeling. You may even take away some helpful advice for next time!

Do Something that Makes You Happy

Too much work and no play is never a good thing! Take some time for an activity that you enjoy. Whether it’s going for a bike ride in the park, catching a movie with a friend, or simply taking a nap on your couch, don’t let a bad day at work deter you from doing something that will make your day more positive. You’ll be thankful you didn’t!
Everyone has a bad day at work sometimes, but knowing how to let go of negative energy is important for your health and endurance, as well as your career. Don’t let one bad day ruin your whole week! 

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