Want to Amplify Your Career? Find A Nursing Mentor!
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Want to Amplify Your Career? Find A Nursing Mentor!

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August 19, 2016 13:40 PM (EDT)
Mentorship can be a critical part of career growth in every field, especially nursing. Regardless of how talented, skilled or confident you are in your nursing abilities, developing a relationship with a mentor can significantly help you navigate your career, grow professionally and overcome challenges at work. A nursing mentor who has years of professional experience can play a critical role as your career progresses, as well as provide you with valuable perspectives and insight from their own experiences.
Being open-minded to having a mentor will allow you to gain fresh insight into the nursing field and learn from a professional who has your best interest at heart. Your mentor can also answer questions you may have and be a source of guidance as you evolve in the nursing profession.

Wondering How to Find a Mentor? Keep These Tips in Mind

Build Relationships in Your Workplace 

Making an effort to build strong relationships in your workplace is not only important for your professional development, it will help you naturally develop relationships with mentors in the nursing industry. Asking questions, observing practices and working closely with others will help you get to know potential mentors who can be a great source of guidance as your career evolves.

Join Industry Groups

Groups such as American Nurses Association and American Association for the History of Nursing can provide incredible outlets to network with others in your field and meet potential mentors who can share their advice and experiences with you. Members of industry groups are often very supportive of emerging nurses and are generally very willing to offer useful tools and resources to help new members advance in the field.

Be a Mentor Yourself

Being a mentor will allow you to continue your professional growth and development by teaching others. Providing constructive feedback and serving as a source of wisdom for younger or less experienced nurses will give you the chance to make a meaningful contribution to the nursing industry while developing your leadership skills. And, don’t forget, you’ll also learn from your mentees in the process!
Developing a relationship with a mentor and being a mentor yourself can be one of your most rewarding experiences, providing a valuable outlet of professional and emotional support throughout the course of your career. So what are you waiting for? Go harness the power of mentorship!

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