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Submitted by Jennifer McNeely, Branch Manager in Decatur, IL

Hometown Highlights

Susan M. is a RN that works LTC for us here in Decatur. Recently, her facility where she is on assignment, had a nurse shortage.  Susan picked up 3 twelve hour shifts in a row for the client.

Submitted by Wendy Sabol, Recruiter in Albuquerque, NM

Hometown Highlights

Our LPN, Shubu J., received this from the facility where he is on assignment. He works 4 shifts a week and always picks up extra shifts when needed. Congrats Shubu! Wish we could clone him!

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Real Talk
"Great experience. Every staff is very helpful with clear and genuine interest to be of help in landing a desirable job match. I am very happy with the relationship so far. Thank you for the opportunity!" - Francis RN