Stand Out from the Competition: Four Tips to Improve Your Nursing Resume
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Stand Out from the Competition: Four Tips to Improve Your Nursing Resume

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August 01, 2016 13:07 PM (GMT-04:00)
Whether you’re seeking an entry-level nursing job or have been working in the nursing field for several years, it’s important to remember your resume is essentially your main portal to future employment opportunities. Regardless of your personality, demeanor or contacts, your resume is critical in getting employers’ attention. Maximizing the effectiveness of your resume will be especially helpful in opening doors to new opportunities and showing employers how your qualifications fit with specific positions.
Creating a high-quality resume takes time and effort. Check out these four tips to ensure your nursing resume is in tip-top shape. 

Choose a Clear, Easy-to-Read Format

Most resumes get less than a one-minute glance, so make sure the format of your resume is attractive and most importantly, easy to read. Recommended formatting tips include bolding your headings (education, experience, etc.) and using bullets under each heading to list the responsibilities and achievements associated with each item. A resume that is heavy in copy and not formatted in an easy-to-read style will do you a disservice, as it’s likely to end up in the reject pile! 

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Instead of listing a generic objective at the top of your resume, provide a brief summary to highlight your professional accomplishments and how they align with your goals as a nurse. This will personalize your resume and help the reader to connect better with your experience and professional background. Be sure to include all specific skills, specialties and certifications you’ve achieved and how they apply to the position you’re seeking. 

Lead with Your Experience

Unless you’re an entry-level candidate, it makes sense to have “experience” as the first section listed on your resume. Once you’ve been working in the field for at least five years, employers will care more about your professional background and skills and less about your education. In your experience section, be sure to include all your past nursing positions and the specific duties associated with each role. 

Use Keywords and Phrases

In today’s modern age, most resumes are filtered through an applicant tracking software which decides which ones will be considered by employers. Using targeted keywords and phrases related to the position you’re applying for will increase the chances of your resume being selected for consideration. With that being said, avoid using language that appears overly staged or robotic. Be honest about your qualifications and include keywords that relate directly with your skills and experience. 

Is Your Resume Ready to Go?

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