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Workforce Solutions

Improve Patient Care, Optimize Spend & Reduce Labor Shortages

Many healthcare facilities today are managing multiple vendors and contracts, in-house staffing pools, hundreds of candidate submissions, interviews, verification and validation of documents, timekeeping, billing and the complexities that go along with these processes. Add multiple external factors to the mix such as ever increasing regulation, quality measure reporting, and accountable care, and the challenges increase exponentially.


Healthcare organizations faced with funding cuts and reimbursement reductions are compelled to find more efficient and cost-effective ways to manage their contingent workforce. As one of the largest and most recognized national providers of healthcare staffing and workforce solutions, MSN understands how to balance quality patient care with costs savings.


We know that having a flexible workforce not only improves productivity and promotes patient care, but it also helps our clients remain viable and competitive. Our Managed Service Partnership (MSP) solution is highly-collaborative and designed to help healthcare organizations focus on attracting, engaging and retaining high-quality talent while balancing cost-savings.


Healthcare staffing is a complex business process. MSN leverages industry best practices to efficiently and effectively manage your workforce. Our innovative, web-based vendor management system (VMS) technology coupled with unique, scalable workforce solutions allows MSN to efficiently manage all of your contingent clinical labor and staffing requirements while providing you with:

   Staffing Office Outsourcing

   Staff Augmentation

  • Schedule Establishment
  • Float Pool Design & Management
  • Time & Attendance Management & Reconciliation
  • Documentation Management
  • Actionable Staffing Insights in Real-Time
  • Full-Service Clinical and Administrative Staffing Solutions (Temporary, Contract, Per Diem, Travel, Temp-to-Perm, & Permanent Placement)

   Recruitment Process    Outsourcing/Onboarding

   Full-Cycle Continuum of    Patient Care

  • Recruitment
  • Credentialing
  • Competency Certification
  • Hospital Orientation
  • Ongoing Educational Training
  • Patient Pre-Admission
  • Intake
  • Discharge Planning
  • Case Management


The cost of labor is the largest segment of hospital expenditures. MSN’s MSP solutions enable you to fully optimize staff expenditures by delivering the following benefits:


• Strategic planning based on real-time data, analysis, and customized reports
• Quality improvements through consistent skills matching, credentialing, compliance, and agency-performance reviews
• Faster responses, fewer vacancies, increased fill rates and a defined “do not return” process
• Operational efficiencies based on the sharing of specialized resources by departments and determining the optimal mix of permanent and temporary staff
• Administrative efficiencies gained by having one point of contact, one staffing process, one consolidated invoice and one contract with standardized rates
• Automated web-based technologies that gather, store, and share staffing, invoicing, and payroll data–anytime and anywhere
• Coordinated staff ordering, tracking, orientation, training, timekeeping, invoicing, and payment
• Improved core staff retention and patient experience by meeting clinical staffing requirements, without excessive overtime


According to a 2012 Benchmarking Survey conducted by The Advisory Board, 90% of hospitals don’t have the recommended staff mix.


MSN’s Managed Services Program (MSP) solution is designed to meet today’s contingent staffing challenges and is poised for the future of healthcare reform. MSN can help you address:

• Inadequate fill rates• Inconsistent credentialing• Inefficient staffing processes• Inappropriate use of premium labor• Inordinate time spent on staffing vs. patient care

By implementing the MSN MSP program in your organization, you will be able to devote more energy to the forward-looking management of your healthcare resources and shift your attention back to patient care. Once staffing criteria is established, we manage the subsequent selection, screening, training, evaluation and record-keeping involved in each hire. When you partner with MSN, we become an integral part of your organization:

• Your risk-management partner• Your operations partner• Your administrative partner• Your economic partner• Your strategic planning partner


Our customizable vendor management tools, managed services programs and recruitment process outsourcing strategies are constructed to help you fill critical labor shortages, with the right care, at the right time, in the right place.


We strive to exceed your expectations. We are nationally-known for our innovative staffing augmentation, managed services programs and optimal workforce solutions. Taking into account your organization’s unique dynamics, MSN is able to develop an operational strategy that is responsively tailored to your specific needs. With “on-the ground” knowledge of local labor market conditions, years of MSP program experience, and access to the national healthcare labor market, MSN offers the best and most direct path to achieving your staffing goals.

Contact MSN today to start simplifying your managed services needs.


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